Nearby Colleges in NYC

Julliard, John Jay, & More

Our impressive Art Deco-style property offers easy access to some of the top destinations in Manhattan, including Lincoln Center, Broadway, and the iconic Central Park, but it is also close to some of the finest colleges in NYC. From the first ever independent criminal justice college to one of the most esteemed music conservatories in the world, The Belvedere Hotel is an ideal fit for those visiting any of the universities in the Hell's Kitchen area. 

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Ten blocks north of The Belvedere Hotel lies one of the finest criminal justice schools in the country. John Jay is primarily known for its forensic psychology and forensic science programs supported by a liberal arts curriculum. Their esteemed alumni have gone on to become some of the most pivotal figures in law enforcement and politics, and the six buildings that make up the campus are easily accessible from The Belvedere Hotel.

Fordham University at Lincoln Center

As one of the top hotels near Fordham University, The Belvedere Hotel offers easy access to Fordham's Lincoln Center campus. The undergraduate programs at Lincoln Center include a heavy focus on communications and theater, and Fordham's lauded law school also calls the campus its home. 

CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

One of the 24 institutions comprising the City University of New York, the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism is the only public graduate school of journalism in the northeastern United States. Only eight blocks south of The Belvedere Hotel, the school takes advantage of its unique location in Midtown to offer students internships at the many major media companies in the area. 

The Julliard School 

Located in the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Julliard is performing arts conservatory established in 1905 that has trained many of the greatest minds in music and dance. The Belvedere Hotel is proud to be one of the finest hotels near Julliard, ranked the world's greatest best institution for performing arts. With too many famous alumni to mention, Julliard is home to the next generation of actors and musicians.

Located uptown from New York University and downtown from Columbia University, The Belvedere Hotel's unique Midtown location make it an ideal hotel for travelers visiting any of the great universities in New York City.